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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 18, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> brian: now on the after the show show, more tips kids can learn if an abductor should come their way. stay tuned for the after the show show. bill: good morning. we have breaking news. a stage at a musical concert sending fans, musicians and the crews running for their lives. watch here. you can hear the screaming in the background. that's the main stage of the ottawa bluesfest buckling while the band cheap trick was playing. welcome to a whole new week here. welcome to jamie colby. jamie: hi, everybody. thankfully in that accident no one was killed, but several
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people were hurt. >> the stage fell backward. it fell pretty slow so hopefully everybody got out of there. it was pretty freaky. >> reporter: it's a warm sunday night. you are enjoying the music and winding up the weekend at a popular concert series and it turns into a horrifying few seconds. that's what happened when the classic rock band cheap trick was 20 minutes into its set in ottawa, canada. five concert-goers hurt. one man seriously. that man had a piece of the stage actually pierce his stomach. none of the cheap trick band members were on the stage at the
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time were injured when this happened. it was several stories tall. it collapsed backwards into the semi trailers parked in the rear. people said it started happening so fast everybody started screaming and running. at the time of the concert thunderstorms were clocked at 56 miles per hour. that shows what can happen when large crowds are left unprotected during the summer and during violent weather. the blues festival booked some of the biggest names in rock and jazz. it was a miracle no one was killed. he said gear can be replaced, people can't. bill: washington?
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is it a grand deal or no deal. the president giving lawmakers a saturday deadline to come to an agreement. so now the tea party is stepping in. the caucus is calling for a bill called cut cap and balance. >> let many let the american people decide do they want a common season thing versus the president's plan? >> there will be a debate on the balanced budget amendment but no one believes there are the votes for that. bill: stuart varney, fox business network. define cut, cap and balance. what would that do? >> it would cut the deficit, cap spending and have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution.
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cut, cap, balance. have much favored by republicans in the house of representatives. will be vote on tomorrow. will probably pass, but it may not pass in the senate. the alternative plan, the on plan i know of that's on the table is from senator mcconnell. that would arrange for no default and the president will be able to raise the debt ceiling but he would have to put his spending plan in place. we do not have a plan that's likely to fast which will take the immediate and pressing decisions on taxes, spending and entitlements. bill: you have got a veto possibility. where do we stand in the face after downgrade threat to our nation's credit rating. >> in my penta downgrade looks more likely this monday morning this monday morning than it did last week. a downgrade would and loss of financial face for america.
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it mean a loves our financial reputation as the gold standard in the world. i think was of what these ratings agencies have been saying about america's precarious position on these talks, i think that downgrade is more likely as of right now. bill: we'll see you on fbn in 10 minutes. one republican senator says the timing is not coincidence. florida senator marco rubio says democrats put on -- put off this debate until the last minute to put the pressure on republicans. jamie: there is one commodity doing pretty well during the debt crisis. it's gold. the price of an own hitting record high.
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soaring to $1,600. bill: keeping close eye on the stock market. investors on evening. the debt debate continues. on friday the dow closed 42 points on the positive side. we'll check back on the markets in 24 minutes. jamie: amazing developments in the "news of the world" phone hacking investigation. the former editor is out on bail and she says she is not guilty of any crime. the news corp company the parent company of fox news. >> reporter: all of this now reaching to the highest level of the government making prime minister david cameron knowing his former chief of
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communications was arrested in the early days of all this. then yesterday scotland yard's top cop resigned. suddenly, dramatically with a jab at david cameron. sir paul stevenson claims he did nothing wrong, but the met police reeling from the investigation. under fire as well for hiring a former news of the world deputy editor as a p.r. consultant. a man also arrested in connection with the phone hacking scandal. rebecca brook arrested when she went into see police by appoint. and ended up under arrest. police face serious questions about why she was arrested on suspicion of phone hacking and bribery. she has not been charged.
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cameron on a trip to drum up business opportunities for britain in africa forced to defend himself for his close relationship with andy coulson. >> no one argued the work he did for government was inappropriate or bad. report very jamie brooks will answer questions tomorrow before a parliamentary committee. jamie: there is an intense search underway. two people are still missing. their boat capsized in lake michigan. 8 people were onboard that vessel at the time. take a look at video of the race. we are told a good samaritan
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helped rescue six others. they are searching for the two that are still missing. the crew of a competing book notified the coast guard that the sailboat had capsized. bill: some tall bolts there on lake michigan. we'll reach out to the coast guard and bring them on tv. jamie, just a few of the stories watching so far today on america's newsroom. a moment you will see this. free woman or prisoner for life. casey anthony is out of jail. her acquittal and release are raising serious questions. in the end, where did she go? no one knows. jamie: did democrats stall the debt debate on purpose? not a lot happening over the weekend. a serious allegation by a republican senator. bill: what happened when a
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and you can only get it at the home depot. jamie: a massive pot bust with possible ties to mexico's drug cartels. ed the crops estimated to be worth millions of dollars. the law enforcement agents say they believe the plants may be tied to mexican drug trafficking operations. bill: back to the battle royale with no resolution. marco rubio standing by comments he made blasting democrats over the debt ceiling battle. this is not the first time he
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says democrats have dragged their feet on purpose. here is the original comment he made on "hannity." >> this didn't sneak up on us. i think they deliberately let his thing go long so they could get to a last-minute situation where they could force us with a take it or leave it like they did with the government shutdown and the stimulus policy. none of these policies the president has written has worked. bill: steven morris, senior writer for the "wall street journal." >> the charge is the white house has known pore many, many months we were going to have this debt crisis if we didn't get the debt ceiling raised. i think he's right, the white house has been playing politics with this. more americans would blame congress rather than the
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president if this doesn't get resolved. let am not forget, it's been two years since the democrats who have run congress the last two years have even passed the budget. the president's budget he submitted in january lost in the senate 97-0. so the democrats have not put a serious budget proposal on the table. bill: republicans are backed into the corner because the calendar ticks off. >> one of the points we made at the "wall street journal" editorial page is this was part of a grand strategy to blow up the budget the last two years. we had obama-care, cash for clunkers, all of these programs that blew up the debt. now they want to get republicans
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to raise taxes to pay for it. that's where republicans drought line and that's why you have this deadlock on the debt ceiling. bill: the point that rubio makes is the debt ceiling is not the biggest problem. i'll explain what he thinks is the biggest problem after we listen to what he said on cbs sunday morning. >> i came to washington in january. we knew this debt limit issue was upon us. nothing happened during the state of the union. he proposed a budget that was so ludicrous not even the democrats in the senate vote for it. up until recently the president was completely disengaged from this debt limit debate. bill: he says you can take care of the debt ceiling one vote. but that leaves a big problem and that's the debt. >> it's the debt itself. i couldn't agree more. the crisis comes, bill, not if
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we don't pass the debt ceiling, but if we do pass a debt ceiling it send a signal to the financial markets around the world that the united states is not capable of dealing with this enormous debt. that's the crisis. if we don't get a credible plan that brings the deficit spending down over the next two years and the president has been holding out on that. bill: do you think the markets will be spooked by that? >> you are exactly right. even as moody's and s & p said they will downgrade the debt. you would expect for the interest rate on those bonds to go up but the last couple weeks they have gone down. we cast a carte blanche $2.5 trillion increase in the debt i believe that could cause a financial panic. bill: that forces the markets to
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quiver. >> this is the ultimate point of leverage. that's why there has been a stalemate. republicans said if we cave on this we'll never get serious about spending. but right now it take the president to sign this bill. i don't think he will sign a bill with big spending cuts. bill: this is what causes people to wobble on this. they have been told in the past the sky is going to fall and the markets haven't budged despite what s & p and moody's did. >> that's because the biggest lie in this whole debate has been the united states is going default on its debt. i'll tell you this point blank with 100% certainty. there will not be a default on you have st. securities because the federal government has the money to pay the bondholders. we take in $200 billion in cash everybody month. the interest on the debt is $25
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billion. the tomorrow way we would default on the debt is if tim geithner allowed that to happen. jamie: dramatic new developments in a mysterious disappearance. why police are calling jackie sue wallace's estranged husband a person of interest. bill: what caused this wreck that makes it different from the others. host: could switchio really save you 15% or more
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bill: another shoe drops in the news international scandal. a second top british cop resigns over the phone hacking scandal.
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the chief of metropolitan police resigned, sir paul stevenson. news international is owned by news corp, the parent company of fox news. 23 minutes past the hour now. more to come. jamie: astronauts on the shuttle atlantis have a big day getting ready for its final return. that means getting packed up with gear and equipment. moments ago the shach between the space station and the atlantis for closed. the return to earth is set for tomorrow. before they close that hatch both of the crews on the space station and shuttle were so busy today. i want to ask any sense of the smood onboard.
6:24 am
>> i think it's a bitter sweet day. not only for the astronauts, but also for the people at johnson space center. you are looking live at mission control. those final farewells are about to start. if that happens we'll show you guys live. then they will seal the hatches and close the doors for the final time. you minged they were busy this morning and you were right. they were using a robotic arm. listen here. this is the flight director of scs-135. >> the finality of our service in this mission now through the program, it hits you with greater force the closer you get to the end -- the emotions feel more intense than they felt back
6:25 am
on flight day two or three. i know it will be -- it will feel very powerful tomorrow as we near the end of our shift after we complete our separation burns. >> reporter: the ship will detach tomorrow morning and they will return to earth thursday morning. bill: some great wakeup calls. sir fall, sir elton -- wednesday morning we'll talk to the crew onboard. it will be a great moment. so check out that. also in a moment here. where is casey anthony. she walked out of jail moments after midnight sunday morning. now a free woman. is she also free to sell her story to the highest bidder we wonder. jamie: the mother of triplets disappears with no explanation.
6:26 am
why her family is pointing a finger at her estranged husband. >> from two to three hours after we found out about it we didn't think she was okay. i hope i'm proved wrong. i would give 10 years of my life to be proved wrong. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone -- the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad,
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bill: families suing over the crash of flight 3407 in buffalo.
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a judge will decide on punitive damages. that crash killing 49 people onboard and one person on the ground. a volcano unleashing its most powerful eruption to date. no reports of any fatalities or injuries there. "harry potter" is making magic at the box offers. the final movie, they say. the deathly hallows part 2 raking in $168 million. it got good reviews, too. a lot of cash. jamie: our producer gives it two thumbs up. out of sight but not out of mind, casey anthony slipping out of jail into the knight night sunday weeks after her stung acquittal. anthony's defense team warning the 25-year-old she should keep
6:31 am
a low profile. there are questions about her security, her future and whether she should be able to sell her story. great to see both of you. we have steent walk of her coming out with the heavily armed police officer standing behind her. but here she tonight back of the car. her attorneys whisking her away. she is showing her happiness about her release. but i want to ask you what you can read into that picture. does she have anything to be happy about? she is known all over and not particularly liked. >> she has got to fear for her safety, literally for her life. does she have anything to be happy about? not by our standards. but remember this is a young
6:32 am
woman who in her notes in jail can move from being seemingly tearful and obsessed with grief about the loss of her daughter to whether she would like to order a particular item from an infomercial and whether she would like to wear a leather bomber jacket when she gets out of jail. is she going have a normal range of emotions upon being released like feeling panic as if her life is threatened? i don't think so. jim rrp we know she turned down a visit from her mom. she wrote a note saying she would like to buy another baby or have another baby. there are reports there are offers of $1 million to tell her story. whether she would ever tell the truth we never know. there is the on of sam law. and also listen to jose baez. >> what's making everybody crazy is the feeling that she is going
6:33 am
to cash in now, make millions off this terrible tragedy. what's your response to that? >> i can respond that she has certain rights as an individual in this country, and we'll make sure she has the ability to exercise those rights. what she's going to do, no one knows. jamie: the florida statute says anything she earned shall exist in favor of the state payable to or accruing to a convicted felon or a person on her or his behalf. maybe if her attorneys collected money from any literary or cinematic account for which he or she was convicted. that seems standard. is she free and clear to earn anything in any way? >> she is free and clear.
6:34 am
the key words in that statute are "convicted felon." she is convicted of a victimless crime. caylee anthony is convicted of a crime. the con vehicle is for misdemeanors only. and the law does not apply to people convicted of misdemeanors. jamie: should it be changed? jamie: absolutely not. there are millions of people throughout this country convicted of misdemeanor offenses. a fine alone is a conviction. and at what point do you now everybody -- everyone starts marching into court filing lawsuits trying to attach on to somebody's profits. jamie: dr. ablow, before we go,
6:35 am
what kind of help do you think she may be getting? >> she needs the most kind of extraordinary insight oriented psychotherapy you can imagine and possibly medicines given the dramatic symptoms shat that she displays. the bottom line is this woman can't come to any good end without herculean effort to try to heal what is inside her. jamie: do you think america will forget how they feel about her? >> no, they won't. where a baby's life has been taken, a 3-year-old's life has been taken, a toddler. this is like a irritant. this is a story where you hate the ending and americans don't like to leave loose end. >> i just want to point out the
6:36 am
rehabilitation of all people who have been in prison for many years is very important. not just with casey alone. that's another issue for another day. jamie: dr. ablow, tamara, thank you. bill: $14 trillion in debt. what are going to do, washington? the parties could not be more divide. the former cbo, the congressional budget office. you believe there is no option. we have to raise the debt ceiling? >> there is no question we have to raise the debt ceiling. the average american family has a big stake in this. if we don't raise it the government will suffer a downgrade and interest rates will spread throughout the economy. every mortgage will be more expensive, every car loan will be more expensive. every time you buy something on your credit card those lines of credit will be more expensive.
6:37 am
this is a big threat. bill: what do you say to these lawmakers who say we are sick of it. we have to cut spending. >> the second threat america faces is slow growth. we know heavily indebted countries grow more slowly. we have millions of people out of work. so they have to raise the debt ceiling, but b, they have to deal with the problem which is our debt is too big. bill: you touched on a little bit. let's roll this. we get a lot of questions from our viewers, because you asked. what is the really pact on the average family if we don't increase the debt ceiling. you started going there on your first answer. how would it affect you or me or jamie or anybody watching this? >> one is slow growth in the best of circumstances, and there are a lot of people out of work and a lot of people looking for
6:38 am
second jobs who have a job, and that's a big burden on families. then there is the potential for something that looks like 2008. a financial crisis with a spike in interest rates. higher monthly payments on everything you owe and the inability of household to get credit at all. so to me every american family need to understand they are at risk than need to send the message to their elected representatives. they have to deal with this debt. bill: you are saying interest rates would go higher. you also suggest the markets would be thrown in turmoil by affects your retirement fund. >> we saw huge drops in the stock market. we saw many people's savings wiped out and they are still recovering from that. we cannot risk another episode like 2, 3 years ago. bill: they are saying you told us the sky was falling a couple times and we went with it and the sky did not fall perhaps the
6:39 am
action taken or perhaps there should not have been a move in the first place. what would you say to that? >> this is a different kind of a. the ability to pay the government's bills as they come due. we cannot run the risk of leaving $1.5 trillion in bills unpaid. it send the wrong these badge our country. the serious work is, do you turn from the past couple years and spend less and have less debt? and we haven't seen anyone do that yet. bill: we'll stay in touch with you closely the next week or two. we'll put it in plain english. doug used to head up the cbo. if you have a question go to because you asked.
6:40 am
jamie: a lot of concerns today where it will go as a result. dramatic finish. did you receive it to the women's world cup in germany. japan defeating team u.s.a. they won on penalty kicks after managing to tie the game in overtime. such a heartbreaking loss for the american women. japan making history. becoming the first asian team to win the world cup. we should say congratulations. bill: what a bummer. we are up 1-0, a goal. up 2-1 at that point. they come back and tie. jim rsh it was dramatic. bill: rick perry. will he jump in and shake up the field? they did an interview that gives us an idea.
6:41 am
he says he feeled called to run. jamie: the businessman who took on an armed intruder. he obviously picked the wrong house to rob. ♪
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6:45 am
carter's white house. and andrea tantaros both host "the five" at 5:00. andrea, perry gets in, is it a game changer? >> i think it is. i think the left is going to try and paint governor perry as to extreme. they will try to make the george bush comparisons. but he has very, very low negatives. also if you look at 80% of iowa gop caucus-goers are undecided. even though he missed a critical deadline in the iowa straw poll. i think this guy has a lot of room to grow. he will run on his record of job creation in texas. and i think he can be a powerhouse for social
6:46 am
conservatives who are apprehensive about going with romney and maybe not excited about pawlenty. bill: hour latest polling has him in between mitt romney and michele bachmann. is he a game change at this point? >> i want to know who called him. somebody called him to run. i assume he's talking about good. i'm glad he got that connection. late entrants into these races tend to not do very well. think fred thompson in 2008. one thing perry will do is bring in what has not bench in this race for rough cans and that's the social sea general today issues. they have been concentrating on check issues. perry comes in and gay marriage, abortion, the litany of social issues that drive independent away will be back into the mix.
6:47 am
bill: that lead us into our next topic. rudy giuliani was asked about this over the weekend. and a strong message toward the republicans to get out of the bedroom. here is what he said. roll this. >> i think the republican party would be well advised to get out of people's bedrooms and let things be decided by states. i think we would be a more successful conservative party. bill: he did say marriage, despite the gay marriage law was passed in new york, he believes marriage is between a man and woman. but i think it goes with his track record. this is not a deviation for giuliani, but how does it go over? >> i don't speak for the mayor but i think what he's trying to say is this is a jobs and economy election. social issues are not number one, two or three. as much as bob and his buddies
6:48 am
will try on cut ads to paint the gop as extreme. they are trying drag in michele bachmann about homosexual marriage and gay marriage and the same with governor perry and he's not even in the race. i think rudy was giving practical advice in a gop primary, these social issues matter have much. but in a general you have got to keep our eye focused on the issues most important to the american people. bill: is giuliani on to something. >> we wouldn't do that. this is rudy giuliani saying something he has to say because he has taken a position on these things. he's pro-choice, no gay which he should be. and he would like to not have these issues if he runs for president. that the problem with perry coming in. if one person doesn't want giuliani in it's perry because
6:49 am
he does want to deal with those issues if he gets in. bill: we'll see you at 5:00. jamie: herman cain raising some eyebrows saying people should be able to say no when they want to build a months income their neighborhood. so should they? bill: no seen it missing mother of triplets start asking questions of their own. >> you can't imagine with a 5-year-old mind could come up with. did mommy want a new family? is she mad at us? is my mommy kidnapped? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
6:50 am
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bill: there is some controversy unfolding over airport patdowns. this woman arrested for turning the tables on the tsa. she reportedly grabbed the breast of a tsa agent after refusing the screen magazine and opted for the patdown. she denies groping the agent. jamie: dramatic new developments in the mysterious disas persons of the mother of triplets. investigators are saying her husband is a person of interest. bill, great to see you especially since the fbi has been called in on this. what does that mean? >> the police have come up with some evidence they need some assistance in. the fbi as we saw in the casey
6:54 am
anthony case h sophisticated techniques for looking as the forensic evidence and technology. sometime local and state police don't have the capacity to do. jamie: she is the mother of triplets that are 5 years old. can they be helpful in any way when they are questioned? >> reporter: it's a carefully dealt with issue when you have bring children into an investigation. it's possible they may have to knowledge. but at this point the evidence or trail of activity seems to suggest they weren't there at the time of her disappearance. they weren't there at their fighter's home. though she understand she went to her husband's home to collect one of her sons and apparently he wasn't there. at this point down the road they could be a help. but right now i believe police are looking at the technical and forensic evidence to resolve it. jamie: all we know is her
6:55 am
estranged husband was the last to see her. she visited her attorney, they were going through a divorce. now he's uses a person of interest. they also found business cards of hers in a random mailbox where they found her abandoned car. is that where you put a red flag for what may have happened. >> reporter: they say her husband is not being very cooperative which also raises red flags. immediate family members including spouses become persons of interest quickly because they want to rule them in or rule them out as potential suspects in cases like this. the combination of perhaps the timing where he was, or where he claims he was when she disappeared, perhaps some activity on his cell phone, even if it's not active activity. it could be where he was when she allegedly disappeared could
6:56 am
be helpful. the business cards you mentioned. they showed up around the mailbox on a state highway about 7 miles away from where jackie's car was found abandoned on a different highway. and where they were found in weeds around the mailbox. the question is were they there as a ploy to get investigators off track or were they left there during the course of perhaps some abduction or removal of jackie to a different location. jamie: we put up the number. bill daly, thanks for joining us. if you have information please don't hesitate to call anonymously. she has been missing since june 1. and we send our pest to that family. bill: the u.s. is baking in that summer heat. three dozen states sweltering. this hayes the potential to be a deadly summer heat. we'll tell you where. jamie: he was at a concert
6:57 am
trying to enjoy the show when what happened? take a look at this video. you can see it, and you can hear it.
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the people of boeing are working together -- to bring us together. that's why we're here. ♪ bill: start with a "fox news alert" now, stunning new video out of a stage collapse at a music festival, have you seen this? you can hear the screams and fright in the background, severe storms bringing the stage in canada down, sending the band and just about everybody watching on the run for their lives. and the band cheap trick was playing, and, a bit later this hour, in a few moments we'll talk to the man who shot the incredible video and get the story of what happened there. in the meantime, start a new hour here, casey anthony is a free woman and cried after the acquittal of murdering her own
7:01 am
two-year-old child but after her release from jail it was is a different look. good morning, everybody, a whole new hour as i mentioned there, i'm bill hemmer. welcome here and welcome to jamie. jamie: she was all miles and, her whereabouts are completely unknown and she has left behind you can't say more than this, a lot of angry people. bill: and, casey steegel is live in orlando, has been there all weekend and walk us through the release, casey. what happened? >> reporter: good morning, it was 11 minutes after midnight, on sunday, when a lot of people were surprised, they didn't sneak her out of the back door, casey anthony walked right out of the front door, back there behind me, here at the orange county jail, and she was wearing a pink polo shirt, and sneakers and blue jeans, and she quietly said, thank you to an officer that was standing there, holding a semi-automatic weapon. and, wearing a flak jacket. who helped escort her outside of the building. and she got into an suv, and, then left here in a motorcade.
7:02 am
from here, she was driven to a covered parking garage, in the bank of america building. which is not far from here, in downtown orlando, where news helicopters then could not see what was going on, and, bill those suvs never reemerged and what did reemerge, different vehicles, no one knew which one casey anthony was in, and she really sort of vanished into the night and, no one knows where she is, this monday morning. bill: she and her attorney pulled it off quite well and were members of the public there as well, casey? did you see anybody? >> reporter: absolutely, 300 e protesters in fact, and, there was some speculation, leading up to this as i say, whether they would take her out the back so she wouldn't be accessible to the public, but, there were a handful of casey anthony supporters here, and we should say that. one guy, holding a sign, ready for this, asking if casey anthony would marry him. it was a circus and people
7:03 am
shouted nasty things as she emerged from the jail and our own geraldo rivera spoke with casey anthony's attorney, jose baez on his program, last night and this is how he characterized it. listen: >> this young woman had her day in court. a jury of 12 found her not guilty of murder and manslaughter an aggravated child abuse. and we need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions juries make. >> reporter: he texted george and scindy anthony, the night o the release letting them know she was okay, and they watched the release on television like most of us, bill. bill: a bit of a mystery. there, casey steegel. in orlando. jamie: he has a nickname, dr. no and, tom couk coburn has a plan
7:04 am
solve the debt crisis and most proposals on the table right now, he says, don't go far enough. >> harry reid and mitch mcconnell are planning on putting $1.5 trillion worth of spending cuts with it and that doesn't do it. it doesn't send -- fix the problem. and the mcconnell plan is more of washington not taking responsibility for -- it's a great political plan, and it takes the pressure off of all of the politicians and allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that the country has to make. jamie: and senator coburn will hold a news conference at 2:30 eastern time, claiming he'll announce a blueprint for cutting $9 trillion in red ink, while raising a trillion dollars, in new revenue. meanwhile, the tea party republicans eyeing an amendment to the constitution, as a solution to the debt problem. the house will vote tomorrow on the so-called cut, cap and balance plan. and it would allow a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling, but, only after an
7:05 am
immediate $100 billion budget cut. republicans not thrilled about the increase debt limit, democrats claiming the budget cuts will be devastating. >> no one should be fooled about this. they are not proposing a clean, balanced budget amendment. what they are proposing is to manipulate the constitution and use it to impose the republican budget plan. >> this is something that fixes the problem and everyone understands, 2-3 years we'll have a debt crisis and we have to do big, bold things or that is where we are headed and economists virtually agree on this. to call balancing the budget dangerous is unbelievable. jamie: mike emanuel live at the white house. hi, mike the latest from the white house on this, with all of the options out there? >> reporter: it is interesting, after a week of high profile meeting with the president and the congressional leaders, over the weekend it seemed to go back channel, more and the speaker's office and the white house suggest there were conversations but not necessarily face-to-face meetings and as for the public
7:06 am
perspective from the white house, here's the warning from the white house budget director, jack lew. >> i think there are multiple tracks that are being discussed. it is not a given how we get to raising the debt limit. there are some extreme voices that are saying, we should push it over the edge. and i think the risk of taking that path is enormous. the president referred to it as an armageddon. >> reporter: making his point, he use the word armageddon three times and wanted to get that across to the american people and the white house perspective remains and we have to do something and might as well do something big. we will see, james. jamie: let me ask you about mitch mcconnell, he has his own last-chance plan to avoid the default but not all republicans are in favor of this, right? >> absolutely right, jim jordan from ohio, a republican, same party as mcconnell called it a cop-out and here's more of why the congressman opposes the mcconnell plan. >> i'm not going to support the
7:07 am
mcconnell plan, it kicking the can down the road and the american people sent us here to make big, tough choices and didn't set us here to send up a commission and give the president veto power, that is not what they sent us here to do. >> reporter: and, with different constituencies dug in it's not clear where the votes will be to find a compromise, to raise the debt ceiling. jamie. jamie: we do need one, mike emanuel, thanks. bill: we found one of the leading credit agencies saying uncle sam should abolish the debt ceiling entirely. moody's saying the fighting over whether to raise it causes more uncertainty, than the debt itself. and america is one of the few countries where lawmakers set a ceiling on government debt an moody's says, it would reduce the risk assessment, if the feds got rid of the debt ceiling, altogether. 7 minutes past the hour, significant change to the war in afghanistan. general david petraeus officially handing over command in that war. brand new video, here, this morning, the formal transition in kabul.
7:08 am
lieutenant general john allen is in charge of the war and doug mcelway is life in d.c. on that, happening at a time when the country is dealing with more violence. what is happening there, doug. >> there is a lot of 0 carnage in afghanistan over the weekend and last week as well and the change of command ceremony went off as planned and u.s. and nato commanders wanting to send a message of stability an continuity, in the face of the taliban attacks and the general handing over the reins to john allen as he gives up the uniform he worked for more than 30 years to become the next director of the cia. and petraeus struck an optimistic tone today. . >> contrary to the forecasts of significant further increases in the attack levels this year the number of attacks the past two-and-a-half months was actually less than the number for the same period last year, even though there are over 80,000 more afghan and isap
7:09 am
forces on the ground this year and we have been on the offensive. >> reporter: today's ceremony, one of several handovers in afghanistan this week. on sunday, nato led forces handed control to afghan forces in a central province marking the start of a gradual transition process, that will end with all foreign combat troops leaving afghanistan by the end of 2014 and the new commanding general, offering this sobering assessment about the transition. >> there will be tough days ahead. and i have no illusions about the challenges we will face. challenges we will face, together. but i have this certainty. that brave men and women of 49 nations shoulder to shoulder, will, with our afghan partners, continue this great work. >> reporter: the general is expected to assume his new duties as director of central intelligence in september. bill: doug, we'll wait on that, in washington, thanks.
7:10 am
10 minutes past the hour now, jamie. jamie: he's the leading republican contender for president. and, he has been on the attack against president obama's overhaul of health care. but, today, mitt romney's camp may be changing its tune a bit. bill: we'll find out about that and, fun turns frantic in a matter of moments, have you seen this? as the house comes down on the concert. the man who shot the video will tell us his story, live. jamie: right here and it has been years since the last home invasion in the rural town in iowa, a thug apparently running into the wrong how, running into congressman leonard boswell. >> to make sure you do everything you can to keep the family safe. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did.
7:11 am
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jamie: welcome back, everybody, a congressman and his family, they had a frightening scuffle during a home invasion and
7:14 am
police say an armed man went into the congressman's home and pointed a gun at his daughter, demanding money and the 77-year-old lawmaker tried to wrestle the gun away and his grandson got a shotgun and scared the intruder away. >> the father that he. jamie: and, wanted to protect his daughter, and, you know, went in there and tried to stop the situation. jamie: other than scrapes and bruises, boswell and his family are said to be fine. and police are still looking for the suspect. bill: all right, roll this: >> if i am president i will repeal obamacare and, also, on my first day in office, if i'm lucky enough to have the office, i'll grant a waiver to all 50 states, for obamacare. bill: mitt romney during the last republican debate, and the former massachusetts governor taking heat for signing a similar health care law, in his home state, now, one of the top
7:15 am
advisors, a former utah governor is defending part of president obama's health care overhaul, en couraging the state to embrace the so-called exchanges and dr. marc siegel, a member of our medical a-team and professor of medicine at nyu, good morning to you. >> gurng. bill: -- >>good morning. bill: and, the former governor of utah, heads up the health and human services -- >> under president bush. bill: he's knee deep in it. what does he say with regards to obamacare. >> i can see both sides, what he says is unless all 50 states, establish their own state exchanges, by 2014, and ten have done it so far including california, and connecticut and colorado and maryland, and ten, only, if they don't all do it the feds will come in and do it for them and, he says, leavitt says you might not have the flexibility you need and might not have the state oriented
7:16 am
exchange you need. and on the other hand, the other side of the argument is, wait, these are virtual exchanges on the internet and they have to provide a lot of information and they will cost the states a lot of money and we have seen from a recent survey, that a lot of businesses are planning on dumping employees, onto the state exchanges, which will cost the federal dime, and it is not clear how efficient the exchanges are and, another argument against them, is are they going to increase competition? there is no portability and you can't use them from one state to another. bill: let me stop you there. what he's saying is if you as a state don't get going, washington is going to come up behind you, and get going for you, because, in the year 2014,the health care law mandates exchanges to be offered for people who want health care coverage. so, at that point, he's saying he can either get it from the state or go to washington. what would be wrong with the federal government setting up its own exchange. >> the wrong thing about it. it will not be a national
7:17 am
exchange. it will be applied to your state and may not fitter state needs but the state governors are firing back and saying, wait, where is the acknowledgment we are broke? where is the acknowledgment we cannot afford these exchanges? where is the acknowledgment we will have too many people on the exchanges with federal and state -- >> some are dragging their feet and some are expecting a repeal in 2012. you heard the clip from mitt romney. and, if mitt romney repealed the health care bill, if he were president, do the exchanges go away? >> yes. and you know what? that is a great point, bill and i think it shows a certain amount of back and forth here and the camp should get the point in order. the exchanges would not be necessary, if this law was repealed and there might be national exchanges and there might be something else. and critics of the law have said, it tried to take on too much. and, we don't have the portability we need. bill: we are reaching out to mitt romney's camp to get reaction to the story that broke over the weekend and by the way, you mentioned more states are
7:18 am
getting ready to establish theirics changtheir i exchanges, illinois, indiana, north dakota, virginia, would you expect more to follow them? >> i expect probably up to 20 to 25 but i tell you, the states having the lead about repeal and going to the supreme court are not the ones getting their exchanges together and i want to end by saying, i think mike leavitt had a good point, if the law is forced on stateses it is better if they that have the state oriented version. bill: he says get it set up so you can test yourself and have the best option for yourself. >> in case you are stuck with it. bill: marc, thanks, author of a great book, "the inner pulse". jamie, what is next. jamie: '70s rock band cheap trick, remember them, bill? i'm sure you do, really bringing down the house in canada and the man who shot the terrifying video, joins us live. plus... one military family making a massive commitment to defend america. can you imagine not one, not
7:19 am
two, not even three family members headed into service? these siblings are a quadruple threat. >> it is like they have their own little bond, to see them leave is a little hard.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
jamie: a "fox news alert" to what has to be one of our top stories today, we're getting a look at incredible new video of a stage collapse at a music festival in canada. check it out. jamie: that video was not sped up. that is how fast the stage came down, you can see it and you can hear the panic. the band, cheap trick, was
7:23 am
playing, when the entire thing came down and several people were hurt and, luckily, no one was killed, and, joining us on the phone, the man who actually shot the video. ben, thanks for being here. >> caller: thank you, a pleasure to be here. jamie: and bringing us the video. what was it like to experience? it seemed to have happened so quickly? >> caller: it was ominous before the stage collapse, because the clouds started to roll in and you could see a flock of birds flying away which was scary as well, and we knew something was coming on and in a matter of seconds, cheap trick ran off the stage and the stage came down. jamie: where were you in the crowd. >> caller: relative close to the stage, to the left side of the stage, probably about 30 rows back. jamie: any warning? other than the birds? >> caller: the only warning we had, was the dark clouds coming in. and, there was people leaving the concert, probably a minute or two just before the stage had collapsed, because of the high winds. jamie: and even though they had the storm coming on, it seemed
7:24 am
like plenty of people stuck around. and do you think it is miraculous, having been there, that more people were not injured and nobody died? >> caller: it was chaos when it happened, and, thank heavens, because everybody was shaken when they were leaving. jamie: what did you hear people say? >> caller: just, that they hoped nobody was hurt. and, there was a -- an announcement by the mayor of ottawa, that happened just at 7:00 and the stage collapsed 7:20, to declare the bluesfest a danger in ottawa. jamie: you would imagine folks would be running, like the dickens, to get out of there. did some people get trampled? >> caller: i saw nothing like that. i saw nothing like that, because, we were close to the exit. and, so it was pretty orderly leaving. jamie: is that arena or stadium area really conducive to making that exit, were there enough exits for people to get out in a timely way?
7:25 am
>> caller: i didn't see any chaos when i lift. a lot of people were shaken and crying, but... jamie: how do you feel today, are you shaken? >> caller: i'm a little shaken and it was horrific, once the -- i've gone to the ottawa bluesfest and it is a fantastic event and i'm sad to hear about what happened. jamie: we are watching the people help other people and it seems like the effort of authorities and those who were there to get everybody out safe. it is incredible and thank you for being willing to talk to us about it. >> caller: thank you. jamie: that has to be the video of the day, bill, don't you think. bill: you can hear the vietnamiscreaming in the background. go to a concert and see this before your eyes? it is interesting, he takes note of the birds flying away and you can see them in the top portion of the picture frame here, right before the winds came up and took the stage down with it and cheap trick, the band, walked off stage, just in time. fortui fortuitous.
7:26 am
bill: and, there is new debate, from republican presidential hopeful herman cain. >> our constitution guarantees separation of church and state. islam combines church and state. they're using the church part of our first amendment to put the mosque in that community and the people in the community don't like it. they disagree with it. bill: should people say no to a mosque in their neighborhood. jamie: that is what people are talking about and if it isn't hot where are, there is a major heat wave spreading across or country and officials warn it could get very dangerous, in some spots. bill: also, now, an easier than ever to keep fox with you when you are not in front of the t.v. before you head out to the pool, or the beach, on vacation, go to, and find out how to connect with us, on your mobile device.
7:27 am
jamie: already done! bill: while you're doing that, we'll take a commercial break and be right back. hi, anne.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
of an artificial heart valve that does not require patients to undergo major operations. and it could help older patients who are too frail for open heart surgery. but they found that they are at higher risk for stroke and bleeding in the brain and are still studying it. an ally to hamid karzai and a member of the country's parliament shot and killed by suspected taliban militants, the attack happened in downtown kabul, and comes less than a week after the murder of karzai's half brother. bill: a lot happening in that country, right? 10:31 now on the east coast, citizens should have the right to stop a mosque from opening in their community, that from republican presidential hopeful hemm her man cain, some muslims are intents on establishing sharia law in the u.s. >> the fundamental issues, the people are objecting to, they are objecting to the fact that
7:32 am
islam is both a religion and a set of laws, sharia law. that is the difference between any one of our other traditional religions, where it is just about religious purposes. the people in the community know best and i side with the people in the community. bill: does he know best or is not byron new york, with the washington examiner, chief national correspondents. you wrote a long story on herman cain and his biography and his wi life and what do you think of is the comments. >> i think he stepped into it, a little bit with his comments. basically, saying that anybody in any communities, if they want to stop the construction of a mosque, they can. and, remember, the ground zero controversy in new york city. most of the commentators who were opposed to the building of the mosque said, look, the group had a legal right to do it. but, they thought it was a bad idea to build it so close to ground zero. and chris wallace, on news
7:33 am
sunday, asked cain about a proposed mosque in murfreesboro, tennessee, which is what he was talking about and he said that is not near ground zero and, it is sacred ground to them and they can oppose it if they want to. bill: he said he had been to the place in tennessee, right? and spoke to the people and took a measure of how they felt about it? >> he had. and, cain is touching on something that is an important issue for part of the republican base, which is this issue of sharia law, and he was not clear. he really wasn't cogent in his comments on fox news sunday, yesterday. but, he suggested that if the mosque went up, there would be an imposition of sharia law, and, it is something that you will hear more and more of, in the republican primary season, from a couple of candidates. bill: well, he was also asked about constitutional rights. freedom of religion and he said our constitution guarantees the separation of church and state and we heard a little of that a moment ago. and, then he went onto argue, islam combines church and state.
7:34 am
did he defend that statement well? >> no, well, he didn't make much of a case for it. look, there is no doubt that radical islam remains a threat to the united states. a number of terrorists have attacked the united states in the name of radical islam, and, there is no doubt that some terrorists have tried to use mosques for support and for bases and there is no doubt as we speak the fbi has some mosques under surveillance, right now. on the other hand, if... to make this case, cain needs to show some real connection that a proposed mosque has some connection to some illegal or nefarious activity, and he didn't say that at all. bill: the opposition is come out strong on him, already. saying -- >> oh, absolutely. bill: the constitution, and the critics of his comments. does it go away or is it something that trails along in the weeks and months. >> no, it does not go away and
7:35 am
the opposition will ask a lot and i remember being at the fox debate in greenville, south carolina, on may 5th, and, there were trackers there, from the center for american progress, a liberal think tank and they walked around asking candidates what they think of sharia law and the candidate may have been talking about jobs but they brought up sharia law and is something they want to use against republicans. bill: he has an interesting background and knows the pizza business, quite well and, that propelled him onto the national stage and we'll see where it goes. byron, thank you. >> thank you, bill. bill:... in washington. jamie: we're tracking a dangerous heat wave, that is now spreading across our country. states from texas to michigan, getting hit with triple-digit temperatures. and, it doesn't seem to be -- there doesn't seem to be any end in sight, cities opening cooling centers and warning residents to be aware of signs of heat stroke. >> sweating, pale skin, a rapid weak pulse, and, people
7:36 am
generally don't -- they really feel bad. that complaining of dizziness, weakness and lightheadedness and may even exhibit signs of confusion. jamie: all signs to be aware of, maria molina live in the extreme weather center to bring us the latest. how is it looking? >> not good, unfortunately things will be dangerous out there. a lot of meaningsed the fact that it is july, and is supposed to be warm out -- mentioned the fact that it is july and is posed to be warm out, but it is is 15° above average, for this time of year and it is unusually warm an tois and today we expect a high of 100° in rapid city, 96, minneapolis and 100 in dallas and that is the actual temperature and not taking into account the humidity and how hot it will feel and many of these areas will feel well above 100° and there's a number of heat warnings across the upper midwest into portions of oklahoma and, as far east as
7:37 am
ohio. and, this is the entire region we are tracking and what we are thinking, the worst of the heat will be in place today, and could reach up to 115° and reports over the weekend, we saw some places up to 106° in the midwest. stay aware of warning signs of heat stroke. tomorrow the heat bids and uild the center portion of the u.s. and, the east side, and 97 in memphis an 96 raleigh, north carolina, and even here across portions of the mid-atlantic and the northeast, we could start to see the upper 90s towards the end of the work week, thursday into friday. and, otherwise another big story, jamie, tropical storm bret formed in the overnight hours, sustained winds 50 miles per hour and the good news about that high pressure system bringing in all of the hot temperatures over the central portions of the u.s., building eastbound is it will help shove
7:38 am
the storm away from the u.s., and, also away from the bahamas. jamie? jamie: a little bit of good news, but, wow the whole country is suffering. thanks, maria, keep us posted. bill: that will be with us all week. 126 degrees? jamie: unbelievable. stay hydrated. >> what do you do when it is 126 degrees outside? stay inside. i guesses. "fox news alert" on the boat capsizing in lake michigan. the coast guard now reporting that two people thrown into the water after their boat capsized, they have been found and were listed as unresponsive, and the coast guard was on the scene, right after that was reported, and this is actual video of the race. the good news, reports of a good samaritan able to help rescue at least 6 others and 6 were saved, right away and two knocked into the water and apparently have been found and we hope the best for them and we'll update you that when we get it here and also, president obama, wanted a deal to extend the borrowing
7:39 am
limit by the weekend and so far, neither side seems to be budging on much. >> president obama and the democratic allies in congress refuse to come up with a legitimate plan to confront our runaway spending and, it left our country over $14 trillion in debt. he refuses to reform our near bankruptcy entitlement programs, all while pushing job-killing tax hikes. bill: senator orrin hatch out of utah and he's here live in a moment. does he see a deal in the works? we'll ask him, jamie. jamie: and it was supposed to be the traffic jam of epic proportions, and the shocking ends to l.a.'s carmeggedon! ♪ ♪ get around ♪ i get around ♪ i get around... hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars.
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7:43 am
miss named an ended ahead of schedule nearly 16 hours, when does that happen! the ten-mile stretch is reopened, and, we're told traffic is moving pretties well, and the mayor praising citizens for staying off the road. >> a lot is said about the fact this is the car capital of the united states of america and the congestion capital. and, the city most addicted to the single-passenger automobile. and, yet, not enough is said about the people of los angeles, when they come together, when they decide that we all have to work together to make something work. jamie: and they did, mr. mayor. the 405 shut down, to fix a bridge and, widen part of the road and locals predicted the end of the world was coming and that is why they said carmageddon but everyone seemed to get through it, just fine. bill: go to the beach!
7:44 am
jamie: a nice break. bill: beautiful day in l.a. over the weekend and republicans, now, taking to the airwaves, over the weekend, blasting president obama over his handling of the talks on the debt. $14 trillion and counting and both sides divided and little talking over the weekend and utah republican orrin hatch is a ranking member on the senate finance committee and he was speaking over the weekend on behalf of republicans, calling for a balanced budget amendment, senator, good morning to you. might be the biggest riddle in the world, right now, as to what we are going to do. do you see a path where this is headed? that can be passed in the senate? and the house? and signed by the president? >> yeah, i can see a path but it will take democrat help, and right now, i don't know that there are going to be any democrats that are really going to help and the balanced budget amendment we always get a number of democrats and in fact i brought it up twice, and almost passed it with 67 votes, on the second time, in 1997, we had 67 votes, going over to the final
7:45 am
arguments on the floor, and, at the last minute one of our republicans stepped off, because the unions threatened him and we lost by one vote and it will take a balanced budget -- >> and nancy pelosi called the idea of a balanced budget amendment outrageous and, the president said we don't need a constitutional amendment. what we need to do is our job. why is it so important to you? what would it accomplish. >> well spoken by two of the leading liberals in the history of the country who don't want to get spending under control at all. it is important in the history of the country, but, it is apparent the congress is not capable of living within its means, we are $14.5 trillion in debt, and i might add, social security is $11 trillion in debt and medicare is $38 trillion in debt and medicaid is almost that bad and there is no real effort made by the administration, and the democrats in congress, to try to resolve that problem, and
7:46 am
i'm convinced the only way to resolve it is to force the congress to live within its means, like 49 states have to do, 49 states have balanced budget amendments, and, most cities do, and the fact of the matter is, they found that that is the only way to get spending under control, otherwise, people keep spending because they get more credit for spending than for conservativing. bill: to get an amendment to the constitution is the high hurdle and you know there is a reason for that, 2/3 of the house, means you need to get 48 democrats to vote in favor and you need 2/3 of the senate and you need 3/4 of the states to go along with that. how do you stack up against those numbers? >> well i think, the house will pass it. there is the real question in the senate, there are 53 democrats here, and this is the first time in all of the balanced budget amendments, i brought to the floor, where we actually have every republican on board, all 47, i think, everybody has agreed we have to do that and i might add, there are a number of democrats who i believe will vote for the balanced budget amendment. we need 20 of them.
7:47 am
look, if we pass it, it would be submitted to the people. remember, the constitution starts out with "we the people" and in other words, it would take time to get 50 states and, we have to get 38 of them and it would create a great argument and debate in the country, something that is long overdue and if the democrats are so sure they are right, all they have to do is get 13 states to support them and let the people make the decision, rather than saying we want to keep spending, and keep taxing and want to keep washington, as the focal point of all spending in our world, really. bill: we are going to get a measure of this in the house and get an idea, whether or not -- how much steam it has with the cut, cap and balance measure when it is comes to the floor. state doesn't go the way you argue now, would you black the ban by mitch mcconnell that lets the president raise the debt ceiling and make it appear as if it is all on the democrats? going into 2012.
7:48 am
>> i cam fam for cut, cap and balance. and i believe we should cap it at no more than the '08 budget and try to get the balanced budget amendment through. i think we have to try and do that. with regard to senator mcconnell, nobody knows where that is now, because, it is currently being manipulated and... bill: if you are 0-2, would you vote for the mcconnell plan? >> i don't know. frankly i think he has ingenius ideas and i don't see a plan yet and i don't know what they will up in the end, i'll do everything i can for the cut, cap and balance approach we have. bill: and we have heard a similar answer from others, senator, thank you, orrin hatch, republican out of utah. thank you, sir, jamie? jamie: one of the big stories we will be following the next two hours, jon scott, standing by with a preview of "happening
7:49 am
now". julie juliet: >> by the time we join you 12 minutes from now, 12 minutes will have ticked away, heading towards the debt limit and a tea party tempest as tea party backed republican freshmen get the run of the house. senator lindsey graham says this nation is becoming greece. he's our guest. and bret baier on winners and losers on this, and, baby it is hot outside! 17 states with extreme heat and the republican race for president could get hotter. governor rick perry may be getting closer to jumping into the race for the white house and is making those kind of noises, at least. we'll take a closer look at his prospects, coming up, happening now. jamie: thanks, jon. lots to cover? thanks, jamie. jamie: they grew up together and now, they plan to serve together, a set of quadruplets set to serve their country. what do their parents have to say about all of this.
7:50 am
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bill: jane fonda firing salvos, the television channel, tvc and she was scheduled too, peer on the shopping channel, and she was dropped from the program and qvc giving no reason for the decision, but fonda said she had her own ideas and blamed the channel for caving into political pressure. and saying the channel received many calls from viewers, who objected to her opposition of the vietnam war. jamie: the federal government reports 33% of drivers in fatal
7:54 am
car accidents test positive for drugs. states have strict standards when it comes to alcohol but many are still struggling to determine legal limits. and, reliable testing when it comes to drivers who are not drunk. claudia, tell us more. live from san francisco. >> reporter: the statistics vary from state-to-state but across the country, police are reporting a growing number of these drugged driving arrests and figures show in california, in '09 more than 2,000 people were hurt or killed by drivers who were high and who police say were high on pot, legally obtained from a dispensary under california's medical marijuana law and with a third of states having decriminalized pot to some degree, some experts are now calling for a standard national legal limit on marijuana intoxication. jamie. jamie: what is the issue then? is that what they are calling for? will they get it? >> reporter: well the problem here is that, there is no
7:55 am
uniform way to measure, just how high a driver is. the science just isn't there, and, prosecutors say this is a problem when it comes to trying these cases in court, and they say juries are acquitting alleged drugged drivers after hearing conflicting expert testimony, about how much pot it takes to impair someone's ability to drive, unlike with alcohol there is no breathalyzer or saliva test and most arrests are based on police observations, much like field sobriety tests for suspected drunk drivers and, now, supporters of legalized marijuana say a cop's judgment call is much more effective than a one size fits all legal limit because no one, not even the experts, can agree on what the standards should be and there's a lot of federal research going onto figure it out and both sides support the studies and they call for better education to remind medical marijuana users not smoke and drive. jamie: we know there's lots in your state, claudia cowan joining us from california. thanks. bill: and a teenaged boy
7:56 am
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>> reporter: a bittersweet send off for a military family in pennsylvania. not just one, but four siblings are enlisting in the army together. the 1-year-old quadruplets makinthe 18-year-old quad tkru . they are joining the national guard and we are told they are spending as much time together as they can before splitting up for military training. i wish they could all stay together. bill:


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